Architektur in Norwegen - 12 Treffer

Café Søylehuset - The Column House Café

Topcamp Ekeberg   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Architektur [...] Next to EKT and the playground is Søylehuset Petersborg, the Column House Petersborg, which houses a nice café with outdoor seating. The café is open all year and serves burgers...

Ekebergrestauranten - The Ekeberg Restaurant

Topcamp Ekeberg   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Aktivitäten Winter, Architektur In the lower end of the sculpture park is the Ekeberg Restaurant - where both the balcony and, not least, the outdoor terrace offers perhaps best view of Downtown Oslo.

Hedmarksmuseet Domkirkeodden Medieval Cathedral Remnants

Topcamp Mjøsa   Karte

Architektur, Geschichte, Kultur The Domkirkeodden Cathedral remnants Museum by Hamar is both a medieval museum and a folk museum, with the spectacular Hamardomen glass cathedral over the archway of the medieva...

Historical garden on Hovelsrud farm

Topcamp Mjøsa   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Aktivitäten Winter, Architektur [...] This garden is an elaborate and beautiful kitchen garden and was restored to its original lay-out from 1840. It has won some prestigious international prices.

Koigen, the Dive Tower and the seafront

Topcamp Mjøsa

Sehenswürdigkeiten, Architektur At Koigen one of Norway's most beautiful skateboard rinks can be found along with beach volleyball courts, basketball courts and playground installations. The sandy beach of Mjø...

Sightseeing in Oslo

Oslo   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Aktivitäten Winter, Sehenswürdigkeiten [...] There is a lot of things to see in Oslo. Some like to walk around in the city an figure stuff out by themselves, and some like to get on a bus and get the attractions served. ...

Stegastein viewing platform

Topcamp Hallingdal   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Aktivitäten Winter, Sehenswürdigkeiten [...] Stegastein's viewpoint over the Aurlandsfjord is an architectural attraction in itself, in addition to the absolutely stunning view. The 13 meter high structure stands on the ed...

The Maihaugen Museum

Topcamp Mjøsa   Karte

Sehenswürdigkeiten, Architektur, Geschichte [...] Maihaugen is one of the largest open-air museums in Norway with more than 200 buildings ranging from the 13th century to a couple of decades ago.

The Mjøstårnet Tower

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Sehenswürdigkeiten, Architektur The world's tallest wooden house is located in Brumunddal. The Mjøstårnet Tower boasts 84.5 meters above the ground.

The Skafferiet (Pantry) Cafe at Hovinsholm, Helgøya

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Sommeraktivitäten, Architektur, Geschichte [...] The Skafferiet is not only a place for a nice meal. It is an experience for more senses on the historic royal estate and estate Hovinsholm. In July there is an open garden café.

Torpo Stave Church

Topcamp Hallingdal   Karte

Sommeraktivitäten, Aktivitäten Winter, Sehenswürdigkeiten [...] The Stave Churches are perhaps the most distinct part of the Norwegian heritage. Torpo Stave Church is the oldest - and only remaining, original - stave church in Hallingdal! Th...

Vikingskipet Olympic Ice Rink Arena

Topcamp Mjøsa   Karte

Architektur, Geschichte The Vikingskipet (Viking ship) Hamar Olympia hall was built for the 1994 Olympics and was completed in the autumn of 1992. It is an iconic building whose shape is clearly inspir...

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